Monday, May 24, 2010


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cape Cod-Things to do!

Chris and I along with a few friends and family members will be staying at Overbrook House from Thrusday 10.7.10 through 10.14.10. If you plan on staying in the Cape Cod area for the weekend or beyond here is some helpful info: 

Buzzards Bay is located just before the bridge onto Cape Cod and is part of the town Bourne, MA. While the Overbrook House has a pool and some lush foliage to hike through, it is located in a very small village with limited activities. If you are looking to venture out and see some sights, or for beach access, it is best to visit the neighboring village of Onset, or to drive across the bridge onto Cape Cod.  All of this is 10-20 minutes away.

The Cape is known for its beaches, lobster, golf, boating, whale watching, shark fishing and more... all the best New England recreational activiti

Here are some links for your visit:

Thursday, May 13, 2010


If you are concerned about how to dress here are a few tips:
  • Attire is Semi-Formal
  • It is fall on the Cape so the temp can be anywhere from the brisk 60's to the 70's-so a sweater or jacket might be useful. 
  • Gents: You can't go wrong with a suit, from tweed to pinstripes. But feel free to dress it down.
  • Ladies: You can wear a pretty party dress or cocktail dress. No ball gowns required. And there will be grass so ladies careful with those heels.
  • Please avoid clothing with the word "sweat" in the title, be they shirts, suits, pants, or bands. And if it rains it will get a tad muddy so maybe we should avoid the flip-flops.