Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aunt Sherry

Aunt Sherry was an amazing part of my life growing up in California. She supported my moody teenage angst and gave me lasting advice. She took me to outlet malls and sat me down to discuss my future. She was a powerful and capable women that worked her way up in her career without a college degree from a receptionist/ model to a partner. She was profoundly influential on my life and inspires me everyday. We lost her 2 years ago, just after the wedding. I was so happy she could share that day with me, I hadn't seen her for 3 years before then and I was so happy to see her when I walked down those stairs smiling. She was always smiling. I hope that as a woman I can become a positive, thoughtful, and powerful person like as was.
I miss you aunt Sherry.

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